“What’s Next?” –Choosing the right path after 10+2


It is said “Student life is golden life” and of course not only education, student life is all about, classroom, books, friends, reference books and most importantly on higher secondary level a good grade is like cherry on top the cake. At this time the mind works like clay which can be shaped in different ways. But in this process of gaining knowledge if it is properly utilized, it can lay a suitable foundation of success and achievement. But after passing out Board Exams here comes the actual challenge and students found themselves in decisive point. Many questions arise in mind like “what should I study? “, “which stream should I choose?” “Which course will be good for my future?”  “I don’t have good grades should I go for this course?” and so on.

From teachers to well wishers, everyone will give lot of advices but all these are ineffectual unless one is not clear about career choices or in-depth knowledge about the one’s ability because good grades don’t define capability as it can be obtain with bookish knowledge most of the time.  The genuine ability is when one is conscious about using the understanding in the process of learning and utilizing that learning capabilities for future. If one gets influenced by misinformation it can cause making the wrong decisions in life.

Students of different stream like Arts, Science & Commerce get mystify between career and passion they have. Thousands of institutions are offering a lot of courses but only few can provide a better proficient foundation. It is also a huge task, to choose an institution and, opt for the course that can give a better future. While there are some who are lucky enough to make their passion as profession and can lead a successful life but one has to be careful about making passion as profession.

On the other hand some think that a science student should go for only medical or engineering course and it will make a strong career but it is wrong there are lots of courses a science stream student can pursue but that doesn’t mean that medical and engineering do not have bright scope. They do have bright scope but one should explore the enormous possibilities related to the stream and this speculation can also be applied to both Arts and Commerce stream also.

Here are few guidelines that might help out to guide students and can end the perplexity:

  • As high school student one should take time to research. They should explore different career path.
  • Divulging to a variety of activities can help to figure out like and dislike.
  • Meeting people who can guide to find out more about occupation.
  • Post Secondary education is expensive. With good grades one can apply for Scholarship.
  • Seeking part time work and volunteer experience can help to gain more exposure to career.
  • Opting for introductory career can be helpful. For eg. Students can try new course besides Medical or engineering like Astronomy, Biochemistry, and Meteorology etc.
  • Besides courses one can take skill development experience like Computer Diploma Courses, Event Planning, Writing Articles, etc.

Few courses are there that can be pursued by students of any Stream which is innovative but challenging. With ingenuity and hard work one can be successful in these professions.


It is emerging as one of the important professions now-a-days. From small to big event, event manager has an important role to play. Due to event manager’s execution only events are on. Courses like MBA in Event Management, PGDEM, and also Diploma courses can be done.


From marriage to birthday party people now-a-days prefer to wear Designer Cloths. There’s a high demand for Fashion Designer. Courses like B.Sc Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design is available along with B.Des (Accessory Design, Textile Design, and Fashion Design).


Any students who are interested or have knowledge about food can take up this course. Food chemists check the quality of food. Courses like B.Sc. in Food Chemistry, M.Sc. in Food Chemistry, M.Sc. Biochemistry is available.


A three year undergraduate progamme which involves execution and analysis of various policies lay down by government. It can help to confront issues that government on a day to day basis. It will also help students who want to appear for UPSC and other competitive exams.


Love for village and rural environment can be turned into profession. This course give opportunity for rural and community development activities like farm management, animal husbandry, community development etc.


This course focus in Public Health Entomology alert on insects and other arthropods that serve as vectors and reservoir of disease pathogens, and are responsible for the direct and indirect causation of disease.  Employment opportunities in this course includes environmental and health service agencies, mosquito control districts, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Defense, the World Health Organization.


Well, sounds scary but it is not always a negative term. There are many big companies and Govt organizations that look for ethical hacker for various security purposes. Good knowledge of coding in different programming language can help to pursue this career.


These are few new courses that a high school pass out can prefer to pursue.   But at the end it is totally depend upon the student. Not only student even parents should be concern about what their child wants. But a student needs suitable guidance than pressure from parents.  At this stage even parents should explore and research about courses and institutions.  They should discuss with teachers about various possibilities and exchange opinions. Keeping an open communication with their child’s teacher, coordinator, and the Principal can demonstrate a positive attitude.  Making themselves aware of their child’s performance at school and be open to a mutual sharing of concerns is good for the student.  Parents can help improving the educational qualities of child who are weak academically by arranging extracurricular activities or supervising their homework and test results and performance. Overall confidence, hard work and clear concept is the key to success. So conquer the fear and face whatever lies ahead because Life is itself an exam and we should not be afraid to appear as losing and winning are just terms.