Everything you need to know about Startups

The job market is changing and there is no doubt that startup firms are snowballing like anything. Be it a fresher, or an employee seeking job change or someone with a great idea- we all have thought of starting a venture of our own, at least once in our lifetime. But, how much do we actually know about startups? Perhaps all we know is that a startup is a small venture where you can be your own boss, where there’s too much flexibility, no deadlines etc. Sounds cool right? Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not all folks!

Research says that knowing the pros and cons of a startup helps in determining its success. So, before you take a plunge into this field, read ahead to know more about this world of startup that is both adventurous and intimidating.


Your work will be recognized- 

Each and every employee is important. Whatever work is assigned to you is crucial and shall contribute to the growth of the firm. There are very low chances of someone else snatching away your credit. Individual attention is gained in a startup, unlike big companies where you’ll be like a small fish in the sea.


As a startup employee, you’ll be expected to perform different types of tasks irrespective of your job position and description in your appointment letter. This may seem tiresome and time-consuming at first, but look at the bright side. Multitasking will enhance your skills.


Research says that networking is crucial in deciding entrepreneurial success. Meeting people and building relationships are not only beneficial for the growth of your firm, but it also promotes personal growth and improvement of your personality and communication skills. So, don’t be afraid to party hard.


Flexibility of working hours is something that makes a startup job the most sought after one. Those who don’t like to be trapped in a fixed 10-6 job, then startup is the answer for them. One can work from home if he/she wishes to.

Learn to be Thrifty

Working in a startup means working with limited resources including money. Hence, once you get the hang of this art, you will learn to find different creative ways to meet an end.



The most obvious problem of working in a startup is the fact that a lot of risk is involved. A startup may thrive or fail. No one can be 100 percent sure.  Hence, your money, time and energy are always at stake. There is no job security as such. So, if you are thinking of a startup be prepared for a crisis.

Casual work Culture 

A casual work culture may sound as a boon but can also be a bane sometimes. A friendly working atmosphere tends to make an employee more relaxed resulting in too much breaks or spending too much time on social media etc. This eventually leads to wasting of valuable time making an employee intolerable to pressures and deadlines.

Too many Responsibilities 

Startup involves a small team hence being a startup employee a lot of work will land on your shoulders. If you are the boss then let me tell you, managing the firm and the employees under you is going to be a herculean task. Phew!

No Salary                                                                                                           

Nine out of ten startups fail. So, don’t even expect to get a money in the initial stages of a startup. The money, for a startup, depends on the funds. Not enough funds means no salary.

So, the next time you feel like diving into this field, don’t forget to consider these pros and cons.