Life Skills for Success

“There are obviously two Education, one should teach us how to make a living and the other how
to live.” James Truslow Adam.

Education system in our country works on the formula of grades, more the grades more intelligent the students are. Life skills, important variables in overall development of the students, are often not given enough weightage. It is the life skills that help the students cope up with the world within and beyond the classroom.

“Life skills” is an umbrella term for many qualities that are adopted through personal experiences or learnt through regular practice. These skills help in solving day to day problems of each individual rising in either personal or professional life.

As students there are certain Life skills that cannot be avoided but should be acquired, some of the
skills are:


Often our fear of failure stops us from taking first steps towards any initiative. Courage plays a very significant role here. Setting goals, planning and executing the road maps and finally succeeding — students often lack these skills of initiation. This is the beginning of everything. An initiative in the right direction can make a lasting difference in the entire life course of an individual.


Leadership is combination of many skills such as initiative, taking responsibility and human management. A good leader is often looked up to and followed. Some individuals are natural leaders but for some it may require to get over self-criticism and judgement and take steps to lead a team. It might start as a small team but eventually a good leader will always shine.

Social Skills:

Social skills are one of the most important skills set that helps the students in making lasting impressions. The first step in developing social skills are Group Projects or Team Work. An individual when incorporated in a group or team has no individual agenda but his priority is the victory of his team. In the entire process of Team Work and Team Building the individuals learn Tolerance, Mutual Co-operation, Trust, Leadership and Responsibility.


Today everything is dynamic and we have to fit in the demands as soon as possible, here flexibility plays a very important role. Adjustment is the key to solve many problems in our day to day lives. A flexible person is sought more than the ones who are adamant.


Time-Management increases our productivity and efficiency in the stipulated time frame. It is the management of time effectively for different tasks and activities. An individual who knows how to manage the time efficiently can make good use of it without wasting any time on activities that require lesser time. This skill helps the students specially in planning their study hours for different topics and also managing their leisure time.

There is plethora of skills that are required to succeed as individuals in the invisible race toward success that we all are running. The development of such skills helps in problem solving and helps in building our entire personality. As youth, these skills are to be incorporated in our life-style. Any student is more than his or her grades in the mark-sheet.

A student may work hard and get a good grade but it is the skill of the students which makes him or her employable. These life skills are to be learnt and practised early through the life to better oneself and pave the way of success.