The Distinct Standpoint of Group Discussion

What is Group Discussion?

The Group discussion is an important part of any selection process. The Group Discussion allows participants to share views, perspectives. Sometime it is frightening to think that How to face Group Discussion. The main purpose is to share common objectives. This is a systematic exchange of thoughts, information etc. In Group Discussion, participants will be given a scenario with problem which the participants have to resolve. The approaches are done in person via Conference, Call or Website. It helps in short-listing process for recruitment or admission.

Types of Group discussion:

There are different types of GD’s. It will give a helpful idea about the widespread query that arises before facing it that “How to Face Group Discussion? “  Let’s have a look:

Factual Topics

Factual topics are about practical things, which an ordinary person is aware of in his day-to-day life. Typically these are about socio-economic topics. These can be current affairs. A factual topic for discussion gives a candidate a chance to prove that he is aware of and sensitive to his environment. It’s important to keep update of knowledge.

Opinion Seeking Topics

In such topics, candidates are asked to put across their opinions, their point of views. The panelists look for presentation skills when given such topics and also your ability to work in a team which means that your leadership skills are also judged.
Eg:  Nuclear Family or Joint Family, Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage, Democratic or Authoritarian and so on.

Case study topics

the case study tries to simulate a real-life situation. Information about the situation will be given to you and you would be asked as a group to resolve the situation. In the case study there are no incorrect answers or perfect solutions. The objective in the case study is to get you to think about the situation from various angles.

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics are the ones that are argumentative in nature.  The idea behind giving a topic like this is to see how much maturity the candidate is displaying by keeping his temper in check, by rationally and logically arguing his point of view without getting personal and emotional.
E.g. Women are better managers, Reservations should be removed, Religion & Politics, Existence of God and so on.

Abstract Topics

Abstract topics are about intangible things and often their possibility cannot be ruled out. These topics test your lateral thinking and creativity. Such topics can be interpreted in different ways by the candidates. In such topics, the comprehension skills and communication skills are judged.
E.g. All that glitters is not gold, A walk to remember etc.


In Group Discussion, There are panelists who may end it whenever they want or may extend it. The Discussion ends when panelist will announce to end it or the participants are asked to summaries the discussion.

The wrapping up must be a purpose recapitulation of significant points brought out during the discussion. These are one of the important Group discussion points.

Important Group Discussion Points are:

  1. Context: Relevance and comprehensiveness is the main motto. And these two are important point in GD.
  2. Analytical Skill: The panel notice whether the participants has been able to present ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of the subject matter.
  3. Reasoning Skill: the Panel notice how will the participants stick to their standpoints.  How they can ‘Strengthen’ or ‘Weaken’ the discussion.
  4. Communication Skill: A skilled illustration is most important matter in Group Discussion.
  5. Listening Skill: The Panel will observe the participants is listing to others or only concern in speaking. Most participants only concern about speaking not listing.
  6. Leadership Quality: One of the most important thing in GD. The Shouting or Speaking first is not leadership quality. When a participant presents their views along with facts and reasons also respect other’s views have the leadership quality. These are Group Discussion Points that will surely help anyone before facing the Group Discussion


How to Face Group Discussion?

It is always one of main question arise that How to Face Group Discussion? By beginning a Group Discussion, you not only see an opportunity to speak but also you grab everybody’s attention.

By starting a GD, you will get maximum uninterrupted time to present your views and skills to the examiner as other participants are still busy in understanding the topic.

Try to make an impression through your content and communication skills while beginning a GD.

While initiating a Group Discussion, you should not stammer or quote wrong facts.

You should start a GD only if you have properly understood the topic and have some knowledge about it.

Try to give the right direction to a GD by giving logical points.

If you are starting a GD, you must cover all the relevant points and present them clearly.

Start a GD by giving a quote, definition, question, facts, figures and statistics, shocking statement, short story or general statement.

Do not take much time after beginning a GD as it will give an impression that you started a GD for sake of just starting it.

The most important point to focus on while starting a GD is that you should not quickly conclude the GD at one go but give a space for discussion to solve the problem




How to Start Group Discussion?

Here’s a Sample to show that How to Start Group Discussion:

Group Discussion Starts
Abhay: when app based cab services arrived in India young Indians assumed that finally they got a chance to use safe and secure cab services but recent incidents of harassment of a young executive proved the very assumption wrong. It’s not about comparing them with traditional taxi’s but to acknowledge the fact that trust has been broken and it would be very difficult to give these cab services a clean chit

Maulik: I agree to my friend Abhay here that trust has been broken but its matter of introspection to find out reasons for the incidents that recently happened. Is it fair to blame these apps based services that are merely connecting drivers with customers or such drivers are main culprit?

Srishti: Maulik no doubt these drivers are primarily responsible for such barbarous acts but when at the midnight, I call cab through my app for going to airport rather than troubling my friends and families, I assume that I would get safe and secure travel as some of these app services announce themselves as ‘Everyone’s private driver’ . Abhay is quite right to say that these services have lost trust and I don’t think it’s safe anymore to be trusted

Anand: At this point of time I would like to point out that very fact that these app based services are merely connecting drivers with customers is primary reason to get worried. Uber and Ola don’t have any authority over the cabs and cabs are being owned by drivers only. It’s the main reason still these caps don’t have any GPS tracking system. How can they ensure safety if they don’t have any authority about their cabs or drivers?

Ratna: Friends we are leaving a key point here, these app based services started their operations in India a considerable time back still our government failed to see their entrance and to formulate any sort of policies regarding their operations. Some of business men owning fleet of cabs merely sign contract with these cab services and then randomly hire drivers to drive these cabs and people got betrayed by these cab services who think they are being driven by professional and trusted drivers

Maulik: Friends we are forgetting basic business tenet you can’t be held responsible for things that are not under your control. Uber and Ola work on simple principle to ease the transaction. They are not claiming to do anything above that and how can they be blamed for actions of drivers who are not even their employee. Is it not right to inspect failure of our society and state rather than just blaming a multinational company for that matter? After all, it’s not that these incidents started only post arrival of these apps based services. Delhi witnessed incidents of crimes against women in the recent years for which only and only our society and state were responsible

Abhay: This is the very reason Maulik why they should be more responsible. It’s rightly said that power commands responsibility. These companies with huge technological backbone could make a difference to Indian citizens and could make the travel safer.

Rupesh: Abhay here I want to bring another view point and I know that we started with saying that we will not be comparing these app based services but why not? If we are saying that these app based services are not safer then what is our frame of reference. Currently they are spread to all the major cities of India and with fresh investments of $ 1 bn by Uber and $ 40 million by Ola they are expected to spread across all over the India. Is it right to curb their growth at this point? Prior to arrival of these app based services we were at the mercy of traditional drivers about whom we were completely unaware of. In numerous of instances they were found drunk; misbehaving with customers and charging exorbitantly for the trip. With these professional companies you are at least aware of name of your driver and his mobile number. Uber and Ola also don’t allow anyone to drive without a valid taxi permit. I admit still several steps could be initiated regarding safety but at least we are in better position than we were

Ratna: Rupesh, you are probably not aware of some facts, you are right that these app based services give chance to be featured in their app to only those who have a valid taxi permit but how often they inspect if cab is being driven by same person. It’s quite common that same cab is being driven by two or three drivers. You also mentioned that they are spreading across India and this again is a cause of worry. Please understand that without any protocols these expansions will cause influx of several socially undesirable elements in cab business as Uber and Ola compensate drivers handsomely.

Srishti: To conclude I would like to say that app based cab services no doubt has made life quite easier but future is stark and recent incidents have made them untrustworthy. There is no way backward so it would be impractical to ban these technologies and companies but the necessity is to make them perfect. These services should ensure that cabs were being driven by assigned drivers and strict protocols are to be followed for recruiting these drivers even including psychological and behavioral tests.



The art of participation is one of the most important thing in Group Discussion. With Great Communication skill and confidence One can do well in Group Discussion.Be certain of what you speak. Be presentable and don’t control others. Show attention in conversation. It is a Discussion not Debate always remember that.