Fashion Designing as Career

Fashion Designing as Career

Fashion Designing as Career is influenced by creativity, cultural and social attitude. Fashion design includes the art of adding design, aesthetics and natural beauty to any material such as clothing, accessories or anything related to it.

It is highly competitive industry, so only creativity will not help the designers. That is why to pursue a career in fashion design one should have basic knowledge about marketing and business. The fashion designers should be ready to work under pressure.

A person can become a fashion designer by pursuing Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing. For better career growth one should combine fashion design degree with business, marketing, fashion merchandising degree. Because, it will help students to start their own business. Beginners can start fashion designing with pattern making or sketching.

Doing internships will also add more benefits and experiences to the students while pursuing the course. Many institutions do not prefer formal entry into fashion designing course until a person has successfully completed basic art and design course.

Designers should have good knowledge of colour, texture, detail and appreciation for beauty. A good fashion designer should have sewing and pattern making skill besides the ability to do computer-aided design work.

There are various specialization of Fashion designing such as Apparel Design, Textile Design, Jewellery Design , Footwear Design etc. There are few popular courses of Fashion Designing such as:

  1. Masters in fashion Management
  2. Des in Fashion and Textile
  3. MA in Fashion Retail Management.
  4. MBA in Fashion Management.
  5. MBA in Fashion Design and Business management etc.

On the other hand there are some of the popular institutes in India which offers short-term courses in Fashion Designing are:

NIFT (All branches)

Pearl Academy (All branches)

JD Institute.

Some popular six-month programmes offered by the above institutes (among the many) include:

  • Introduction to Design and Fashion
  • Computer-Aided Design for Textiles
  • Fashion Art and Illustration
  • Visual Merchandising

The common three-month programs include:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Merchandising Management

 Some of the courses with one-year duration in the institutes mentioned above include:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion and Clothing Technology
  • Fashion Knitwear and Production Technology
  • Fashion Retail Management
  • Fashion Designing and Apparel Technology





Designing Courses in India


There are several designing courses in many reputed institutes across India. These courses offer the much needed industrial exposure, both theoretically and practically. Fashion designing courses in India also involve exposure to other forms of designing such as textile designing, jewellery designing and footwear designing.


Textile Designing: This course covers the aspects of basic designing and structural designing. A lot of emphasis is given to embroideries, print weave and texture.


Jewellery Designing: This course covers the basic essentials of jewellery design. It also requires a lot of creativity. With India being a big market for jewellery and gems, designing jewels is likely to offer lucrative opportunities.


Footwear Design: Designing footwear is a complex process. The course exposes the student to the intricacies of designing shoes and other footwear. The popularity of trends in footwear led to a rising demand for designers in the sector.




The most important thing of lasting career in Fashion industry can be obtain by creating latest trend and hard work of the person. Because fashion changes with time and it create impact in fashion choices. Fashion designing is one of a best temporary jobs ideas for college grade students. A person need to understand that designing is an art which requires staying ahead of innovation.  Designer should conduct research fashion trends and should discuss with their audiences. To be a part Fashion understand Fashion ,be innovative and most importantly think beyond latest trends.