Pros and cons of choosing a career

Pros and cons of choosing a career

Human life is full of opportunities, options and confusions too because we are always surrounded by options. There are so many options to tread on a particular path and all of them look more or less equally possible and exciting.  Here, starts the problem for us about what to choose and what not to.

 Options and opportunities, the two Os connote the same meaning on the surface but they actually differ in degree of quality. Opportunity is the sole option that you take up wisely, which will guide you in your academics, your future prospects and will influence your life throughout. When a student reaches high school, he/she has to choose an elective subject. Love for the subject in one hand and love for friends choosing another subject on the other hand. What a troublesome situation. And likewise, the journey of choice starts popping up gradually in between some intervals but in an increasing rate with the increasing age of the student. Therefore, it is the duty and responsibility of the respective parents to guide their child in taking a decision so that it proves to be beneficial in the long run.

Instances are also not rare when some parents like to impose their wishes on their children and make them their weapon to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams. Those people don’t even realize that while pushing their child into a specific area against their will, they are actually doing more harm to their child rather than doing any good. In some places and families, hierarchical professions are also given too much emphasis and offspring are bound to follow it, of course, exceptions exist too. Some of the traditional jobs and professions are preferred anytime and everywhere because those prospects are assigned to some standards and status in the society.

Whatever be the background of the family, a child, a student, and a young energetic mind should always be given enough liberty to choose his/ her subject/stream/ the specific area. By the term liberty, of course, I am not saying to let your child do whatever he/ she likes or dislikes. Some kinds of restrictions and rules and regulations are necessary for everybody’s life to keep us on track. Once the student chooses one specific area on his/her own, they will always be willing to learn new things and will be devoted towards their roles and responsibilities regarding their career. At the initial stage of their career, they might face various kinds of problems and upheavals but they will conquer everything soon eventually, once they are able to visualize their goals. A friendly atmosphere at home, good academic environment and a positive attitude towards life will definitely boost the confidence of the student.

In this globalized world, every small or great incident can be gone through with just a single click. It is the blessings of the 21st century that so many new inventions and developments are taking place in our day-to-day life. Corporate sectors, various firms, and multiple factories are in search of young and innovative manpower so that growth of their employees and the growth of their firms take place simultaneously. Gone are the days when only some typical careers are preferred everywhere. Every single subject or field has got its value and importance but due to lack of proper information and guidance, students, unfortunately, fail to excel. It is said that the destiny of a nation is being shaped in the hands of a young generation. This generation is full of power, enthusiasm, and energy. Let this power be directed towards bringing about some favorable changes in his/her life so that he/she can contribute further for the welfare of the greater society in the long run. So doesn’t it seem that Choice, Challenge, Change, the three Cs are more important than the two Os. When the Os actually open up our field of newness, the Cs further take us deeper in the chosen field. Out of various options, you have to choose one opportunity, challenge yourself enough to make a change in your present condition of life. Make the best choice and let the choice chase you. Have faith in yourself, keep striving and the world will be yours… GOODLUCK!