How to deal with fears while returning to workplace in a pandemic ?

As we are now going to enter into a new year soon, companies are also likely to urge most of their employees to return to their workplaces. According to a survey by Atlassian Corporation ,  83% of employees in India are still nervous about going back to office in the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine and with restrictions still in place . The study “Reworking Work: Understanding the Rise of Work Anywhere” also found that Indian employees were more likely to want to work completely from home (66%) than any other country surveyed. Although the fear of contracting coronavirus still lingers among the people who have to go to office daily for their work, following the COVID-19 protocols properly helps in protecting oneself from the virus.

Here are some of the ways in which employees can stay safe from coronavirus while returning back to their workplaces-

I. Making Plans Beforehand

If you feel that it can still be unsafe to use public transport to commute to your workplace during the coronavirus pandemic even while following the requisite protocols, you can use your own private vehicle to go  to your workplace. However, if you do not own a private vehicle, you can make suitable arrangements to commute in your friends’ or relatives’ private vehicles to your workplace during the period of the pandemic. While travelling with your dear ones, you will not only feel more safe but also be able to go to your office with a positive and refreshing mood. It is also better to carry your own cooked meals from home during the period of the pandemic.

II. Stay Safe and Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Make sure to always go to office with your mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer, which are the absolute must-haves in your bag during the period of the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from sanitizing your hands regularly, you should also spray sanitizer on your working place at office before commencing your work for the day.  To stay more protective, it is better to keep wearing your mask from the time you step out of your home till the time you return back after finishing your work. Although keeping your mask on at all times feels quite uncomfortable, it is still an excellent step to do so because you can then ensure that you are keeping yourself safe from contracting the virus. Moreover, always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with handwash and running water before eating at office.

III. Employee Cooperation 

If you notice any of your colleagues developing coronavirus symptoms, make sure to report it to your superiors and contacting the healthcare authorities so that he/she can be provided with immediate medical help. Moreover, if any of your colleagues test positive for COVID-19, you should not panic and get yourself and your family tested as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you or any of your family members test positive, seek immediate medical help. However, if you are advised to undergo home quarantine, make sure that you follow all the quarantine rules thoroughly . Also, if at office, you tend to feel sick , you should immediately inform your superiors and then take necessary medical help. Moreover, employees should also discuss and educate themselves about COVID-19 so that they can stay more alert and safe.

IV. Motivate Yourself

Doing meditation is a great way to keep yourself away from worries. You should also practice those yoga poses that can strengthen the immunity of the body. While taking breaks at office, hear or watch some motivational videos to stay positive and uplift your mood.