Why Internships are important for College Students ?

In the competitive and modern world, candidates with an work experience of a longer duration are much highly preferred for recruitment even if his / her academic career does not turn out be a bright one.

To satisfy the demand of work experience which has become one of the most noted part of eligibility criteria of a candidate during job hunting, the internship opportunities being offered by companies is also growing higher.

Today, the number of college students opting for internships is also becoming much higher as most of them feels that it is wise to start getting experience of the industrial opportunities present in the academic field in which they are pursuing their studies.

Apart from choosing internships as per their academic careers, students are also , nowadays, opting for internships to explore the opportunities present in their areas of interest / hobbies which are quite different from the lessons they are pursuing at college.

Some of the essential reasons of opting for internships during college life includes

Getting excellent exposure in the areas of study / interest :

Interns get to witness the practical day-to-day duties in the in the areas of their studies / interests. It helps them in enhancing their theoritical knowledge in a much better way. They also get to learn about the organizational structure of the company where they are doing their internships and the various forms of communication and tasks carried out by each employee to complete their overall goal. Taking on an internship while in college allows students to work in their desired field, helping them decide if the field is right for them. Internships give a sense of confidence to the students that they have studied the right degree and helps them in performing their work efficiently after they start a full time job in their desired professions.

Learning more about the areas of strength and weakness :

While doing an internship during college days, students will be able to analyze themselves in a much better manner.  To carry out their internship duties, students can learn how they can utilize their knowledge and skills in order to meet their required goals. Internships can allow the top professionals in an industry to offer a feedback to the the work that is carried out by the interns. To meet the desired criteria as set by their bosses,  interns get an opportunity to improve themselves and perform efficiently thereby providing them with a unique learning opportunity

Developing a strong professional network :

In order to carry out a task while doing internship, interns would have to coordinate and communicate with the various employees working in the organization. Therefore, internship provides an opportunity to the students to learn more from various people and getting to know them and their style of working. Internships gives more opportunities to build connections with company professionals that can be very beneficial for an intern’s future career.

Creating a strong resume :

Internships are a kind of work experience which can make your CV look better to the employers. The potentiality of getting hired by a company also becomes higher for those who have done internships as it makes a college graduate more marketable for a job position. Moreover, there is also a good chance for interns to get a higher starting salary than those who do not have internship experience and are entering the workforce or starting a new career.