Top Careers that are in great demand during Indian Weddings

Weddings in India are a merry and pompous affairs which lasts for a couple of days. In order to ensure that guests are able to find the best of everything in an Indian wedding, the hosts are ready to spend money lavishly and bring every sort of enjoyment in the wedding venue to celebrate the days of the happy occasion during which two people makes religious vows to spend and support each other for a lifetime.

Most people in India even takes loans to host a wedding. Therefore, it can be can easily estimated that a huge sum of money is spend by almost every family in the country to celebrate the occasion of matrimonial bond. As the weddings in the country is celebrated in a grand manner, the term ‘Indian Wedding’ soon changed to ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’.

As the ancient idiom ‘Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest is God)’ still holds a prominent place in Indian culture, people in the country ensure that every guest is treated with utmost respect whenever they hold a significant occasion such as a wedding. In order to get authentic good feedback from the guests and confirm that they are indeed satisfied with the hospitality, many hosts go to great lengths to hire reputed and well reviewed professionals for celebrating a nuptial ceremony.

Here are some of the careers that are highly sought after in Indian weddings-

Wedding Planner

To assure that nothing goes amiss in an wedding and each and every aspect of the significant occasion is managed properly, most people hire wedding planners. Today, the whole task of organizing most wedding is taken care of by wedding planner after they are hired by a couple or family. With organization of weddings becoming a serious business in India, many wedding planning companies have sprung up in recent times. After being contacted by a family, these  wedding planning companies manages everything right from the decoration, catering services,  photography and other essential tasks. Once they know the preferences of their employers, they hire various professionals like caterers, photographers, decorators etc. and get set to work accordingly. Apart from organizing a wedding, most wedding planning companies even arrange everything for the  honeymoon destinations according to the choices of the couple.

Wedding Decor Designer

The first impression of a grand wedding ceremony is judged by how magnificent the decorations of a wedding venue are. As people always desire to make a wedding venue a sight to behold, therefore, wedding decor designers are in high demand  and the task of carrying out wedding decorations has also become a highly competitive sector in the wedding industry nowadays. With many people demanding unique and highly grand wedding decorations to show their guests , wedding decor designers have to come up with creative ideas to satisfy the preferences of their employers.

Wedding Photographers

Among the various types of professional photographers, wedding photographers have now emerged as one of the well-known groups known to mankind. To cherish the sweetest memories of one of the most beautiful events in life in a  stylish manner, people are even ready to shell out high amounts of money to wedding photographers. Taking perfect snapshots of candid moments in a wedding in addition to capturing the significant events are the duties of wedding photographers. With people giving good fees to wedding photographers nowadays, many people with a passion for photography are turning wedding photography into a full-time profession. After finding a good scope in the wedding industry, many wedding photographers keenly observe the scenarios of a wedding so that they can capture beautiful moments for their employers. Moreover, wedding photographers today put together their works in a stylish album and then send it to their employers as a perfect end product. They also edit the wedding videos in such a way that it becomes a highly entertaining and wonderful movie.

Wedding Caterers

The second impression of a grand wedding ceremony is judged by how delicious the wedding menu turned out to be and the variety of dishes that are on offer. As the food served in a wedding is one of the most talked about feature and a way by which the guests are served, most people hire various groups of skilled caterers so that each form of the three course wedding meal- starters, main dishes and desserts- tastes perfect. With people preferring to have various types of cuisines in an Indian wedding, caterers are also donning their creative hats to prepare various kinds of fusion fares that suits the Indian taste buds.

Wedding Entertainers

To provide entertainment to the guests in a wedding, the hosts are leaving no stone unturned as most of them hire well-known professionals from the entertainment industry , be it singers, dancers, DJs , comedians, musicians etc. There is a huge demand for professionals who can manage all aspects of entertainment at events and tailor experiences based on the tastes of a couple. For this reason, weddings have also become platforms for aspiring entertainers to showcase their talents

Beautician / Stylists

People of these professions are in high demand among the brides as they like to groom themselves well before their big day. From make up artists to hairstylists and mehendi artists, brides are ready to hire them all in order to look their best on the wedding day. Apart from the bride, most ladies from the groom’s and bride’s sides also use the services of beauticians / stylists to deck themselves all up for the day when their dear one will tie the matrimonial bond. Moreover, beauty parlours also earn a significant part of revenue by giving services to brides and their relatives as most of them books  facials, spa etc. before the day of the wedding. A lot of amateur stylists are making their names with their services in the wedding industry. Therefore, it can be said that beauticians and stylists have a great scope of developing their careers in the wedding industry.

Wedding Card Designers

Gone are the days when simple printed wedding cards were used for inviting guests. Today wedding invites are mostly customized as per the choices of a couple and are perfectly packed in a box along with goodies like chocolates, tea bags etc. Moreover, wedding card designers are also using various kinds of editing tools to create a colourful wedding card which makes it literally appear that the promise of a grand wedding ceremony is soon knocking on the doors.