How to tackle the ‘inexperienced’ tag?

How to tackle the ‘inexperienced’ tag?

One of the biggest issues that freshers face in the job market is the How to tackle the ‘inexperienced’ tag? and unavailability of jobs for them, because no one is ready to give a job to a fresher. In this case, the first question that pops up in the mind is that, if no one gives them the opportunity to kick-start their professional life, then how are they supposed to gain the experience? To this, there are certain points that every fresher should know and work on to start off with the right approach of finding the first job. Some of the points are discussed below –

Consider serious internships 

Find a right place for a beneficial internship that goes well with your qualifications and interests. There are many companies which provide internship opportunities to freshers. If you manage to get hold of a paid internship, it’s well and good, but if you don’t, then you need not worry because an internship is the best way to get into your preferred field. It will also boost your CV.

Professional trainings 

While your search for a job is on, make sure that you don’t waste your time in just searching! You can join a professional course that suits or adds to your academic qualification. That extra point on your CV will definitely work, even in the long run.

Start-ups are not always bad 

You need to stop making assumptions about start-ups. If you land up with a job in a start-up, don’t hesitate to join it for reasons like low salary and poor infrastructure. Always remember that, start-ups need efficient manpower and you are one! From personal growth to understanding the overall work culture, a start-up is the best platform to start processing your career. However, you need to research well on the aims and objectives of the start-up before joining hands.

Build your own connections 

It is time that you start using social media for a better purpose. Create your profiles in the online job portals and keep them updated regularly. LinkedIn can be a great platform to get connected to potential employers. Research on the job market trends and always be up to learn new things from the influences.

Freelancing or Online / part time work from home job options are available  

Freelance is nothing but gifting yourself the opportunity to gain a valuable experience that counts. Freelance artists are in great demand these days.  Also, there are a number of works from home options available on the internet for you to get equipped to job pressure and technicalities.

Accept your inexperience 

When you face an interview, embrace the reality. Show them your urge to join them for mutual benefits. Emphasize on your curiosity to learn and how things can get better if you join them. Your self confidence is a must to prepare for the next step.

Stay positive in your search 

Maintain a daily routine and chalk out a proper job search plan. You know your interests better than anyone else, so you must set your priorities accordingly. Focus on the things that you want to achieve in the next 10 years of your life and never give up on it until you get it.

Avoid the tendency of resigning before 6 months

When you join a job, you need time to mould yourself into the work and its environment. During the first days/months you may face a number of challenges which might de-motivate you and here comes the role of your self-control. You need to be patient and calm to continue with your job overcoming all the hurdles that you will face as a fresher. Give yourself some time to adjust.

     Experience is not the only thing that employers seek from the candidates, most of the times they also look for a spark and you definitely have it in you. Good luck!