HR as a Professional Choice

HR as a Professional Choice


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”- CONFUCIUS

Who is an HR?

Human Resource Department popularly known as ‘HR Department’ plays a very important link between the management and the Work Force. The department builds that bridge which is crucial to the smooth running of an organization. Being an HR is a profession not a job. The HR department is also often referred to as Salary administration, Talent-Management, Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, Employee Relations, Industrial Relation or HR Operations.

What is their Role?

They are the set of people (HR General Manager, HR Executives etc.) who work for the benefit of organization as well as the people working for it, by formulating new policies which compensates and benefits the employees, recruiting and hiring new employees, training and management and evaluating the performance to the individuals in certain set of parameters formulated by the organization. The very core of this profession is to work for the betterment of the employees which is directly proportional to better results and thus the growth of the organization.

The importance of HR was realised in the 20th century. Prior to the upsurge of HR as a profession, there were many hurdles which blocked the way of smooth communication within the organization. The whole domain of HR professions has taken quite a few turns by being dynamic along with the passage of time.

Skills Required for being an HR

Today the HR position is looked up as respectable and lucrative profession, but as an individual one ought to have certain skills in this line of work.

Interpersonal Skills: This skill tops the list in other career sectors as well, but it is a one of the most mandatory skills in the HR sector, as an HR professional has to deal with people and help solve their issues. Most of the time, they serve as the mouth-piece either of the management or its employees.

Organized Individuals: Management skills, pro-activeness, multi-tasking, punctuality, self-discipline and patience form the integral part of an organized individual. They set the standard for the employee and have to be an example so that others follow the suit.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Conflict management in the office, making the organization a better place and give constructive decision and solve the issues of both the management and the people is prime focus and the Individual has to be a pro in this skill.

Any Individual can become HR professional with proper theory knowledge and hands on experience but the above-mentioned qualities ought to be there if one wishes to become a successful HR professional.


Courses Available

In India, though the concept of HR Department is not very old but it has proved to be one of the most emerging and sought-after professions. To become an HR professional, it is better to have an HR specialized courses such as:

Master Degree in Human Resource Management

Master of Human Resources and Organizational Development

Master of Business Administration (HR specialization)

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development

These Degrees and Diplomas help in absorbing the key skills, concepts and working knowledge of the aspirants assisting them in honing their capabilities in the purview of successful contribution to a company.

The specialisation in HR is designed in such a way that it teaches the intricacies of the Human Resource Department and also concepts of Finance, Marketing, Economics, Strategic Management, and Organizational Behaviour. These courses prepare the students for the corporate environment and makes them well sound in the overall functioning of any organization.

The Master degree, MBA degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management can be done either full-time or via Distance Education for working professionals. The Master degree is of 2 years duration and the Diploma is of 1 year.

The minimum criteria for applying is Graduation Degree in any specified field or subject. To secure admission into the colleges offering the above courses one has to sit for the entrance exams like Common Aptitude test (CAT) by IIMs, Management Aptitude Test (MAT) conducted by All India Management Association, Xavier Aptitude Test (XAV) by Xavier Institutes. Some of the Institutes conduct their own examination and the Percentile obtained in such examinations are taken to shortlist the candidates for the Group Discussion and Personal Interview round.

Career Ahead

The HR department plays a very strategic role in the functioning of a company. Today, there are ample opportunities to grow ones’ career in this profession which is both challenging and motivating. Gone are the days when an HR was responsible for only Hiring, Firing and Salary Preparation. There are many verticals in which the HR works independently like proper training, development and honest feedback mechanism which form the basis of any growing or established organization.