Productivity Blockers and How to deal with them


TOP 5 Productivity Blockers and How to deal with them?

Many of you spend a lot of time on planning, discussing and analysing before you start working on a project at work, but things tend to slower down in the execution phase.  Many a time, plans fail to work out in the way you want it to happen even after repeated trials. In the process, doubt and fear stops you from taking further actions, especially when it has monetary investments involved in it, right?To tackle the productivity blockers,you need to know how to deal with them.

Following are the top 5 most common blockers plus the tricks to handle them:

Too busy being busy: It’s cool to be ‘busy’, but are you being productive at the same time? It feels good to say that you are busy but once you know the pitfall of being too busy, you understand how you have been manipulated by the fancy word. People who are always busy are probably the ones who are below average in execution of plans.

You need to understand that being too busy is the entryway to exhaustion, reduced enthusiasm and lesser      effectiveness. Getting better at time management can help in this regard. You should understand that, every hour of the day can’t be equally productive and accept that you need rest and relaxation that can help in the elimination of distractions at the peak hours of productivity.


Ambiguous priorities: When you are loaded with execution related work, you feel everything is equally important. But is it possible for a fact?Undoubtedly, poor priority management is the #1 feature of having unclear goals. Every work has an execution structure. It is only when you don’t know your priorities that you start mixing up the ‘most important things to do’ with the ‘not so important’ ones.

Spend more time on the right things when you have a deadline. Do that thing first, which will create the biggest impact on your goal and thus, keep going down on the list. Some tasks create immediate next task, for them you must create a proper sequence which will reduce the overall work on your plate

Poor culture: Work culture and environment means a lot to keep the morale of the employees boosted. Too much of internal competition, lack of respect for each other’s job role, no fixed hours of labour, gossips and no appraisal for good work are some of the signs that can lead to an unhealthy situation.

To avoid such a situation, you need to maintain transparency and embrace a stronger communication chain among the co-workers. Hierarchy is important to maintain discipline but at the same time, free flow of information is a must to avoid mis-interpretation. Both hard work and success should be equally acknowledged.

Unclear goals: We start a team project without knowing what we want to achieve from it. This normally happens in the start-up companies. Project execution fails either because of unclear goals / objectives orbecause of confused methods of operation.

Understand the fact that,you cannot achieve everything at one time. Resource says that an unclear goal is the top reason of stress for the employees. So,identify your destination, set your own deadline, stratify your outputs and have a clear picture of what /why/ when and how you want to accomplish your project successfully.

The plan isn’t flexible: Many of us tend to strictly adhere to the primary plan as that seems to be the mosteasily feasible to us. We are not open to accept any change. Sometimes, the plan structure itself doesn’t allow to make changes in it.

Plans are made on the basis of assumptions and information that change with time.In order to flourish, both the plan and execution process may need to be mended. Keep options open as a crisis management option. Accepting new challenges and responsibilities are vital to your professional success. A plan doesn’t execute itself. It is the people who should understand the required change and get adapted to it.


Cultivate the attitude of getting the job done overcoming all the tough situations.Convert all the vagueness into organizational clarity. Hack all the blockers and be accountable to the overall productivity. Remember, all what finally matters is how you manage your commitments. Good luck!