Things to know before entering Teaching Profession

Things to know before entering Teaching Profession

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge…..Albert Einstein

Who is a teacher? Someone who imparts knowledge, guide and encourage the learners towards a specific role, which in turn helps them become responsible citizens of the planet.  Teaching is one of the toughest jobs. From subject expertise to immense patience is required in excelling in this profession. This a noble profession as one is helping others achieve their dreams through knowledge and practice. Since teachers are looked up with so much admiration even in personal life, a Teaching professional has to lead a noble life, as they set examples for the society. The teacher has to be free from any biasness and see their students equally and be impartial.

From Socrates, Plato in Greek History to Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and APJ Abdul Kalam in India the teachers have always been looked up with respect and admiration since ages. Teaching starts with a passion to share with others something which you are good with. The process of teaching is dynamic as the teachers keep learning about the great dimensions of the same subject.

Since knowledge is limitless and the urge to learn is multiplied we have teachers in different fields today. Different subjects have different experts to teach them. In every stage of growing we need teachers and hence we have different requirements for each stage.

The Profession of Teaching is mainly divided into School Teachers and College/Universities Lecturers and Professors. The minute order will be:

Pre-Primary or Play Schools


Primary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Higher Secondary Schools

Colleges and Universities

Research Institutes

Training Institutes

Special Schools for Differently abled students.


In India, Teaching is one of the toughest jobs and it requires good Academic Record and Intensive Training. There are certain criteria for becoming Teachers which are needed to be fulfilled.

How to become a School Teacher:

Primary Level: An individual must have Diploma in Education (D.Ed) or Montessori Training along with at least Higher Secondary pass certificate in order to teach in primary classes

Middle School & High School: To become a High School teacher, a teacher must have B.Ed Degree (Bachelors in Education) along with the Graduation Degree.

Higher Secondary Level: For teaching the students of Higher Secondary level an individual must be a Master Degree holder in the specific subjects to teach the students. B.Ed is required and if one wishes one can also do Master of Education.

For applying in government sector, one must clear Central Exams like Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) conducted by the CBSE, to state level Teachers Eligibility Test like TET in Assam.

How to Become a College or University Lecturer or Professor

An individual must complete his Master Degree in a specific subject with at least 55% marks to be eligible to apply for the teaching profession. A National Eligibility Test is conducted to filter out candidates for Junior Research fellowship and Lecturership. There is also State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) that is conducted by state authority to apply in colleges sponsored by state government. The Doctorate and Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) are also eventually required to be professors and lecturers. Also, the individual must have enough of Research papers which he has compiled and presented during educational seminars. After Ph.D candidates can also opt for Post Doctoral Degree which can add feather to their caps.

It is difficult to make a name in the Education Sector until and unless a person is very dedicated and does the job without any ulterior motive. The teaching profession is revered because of its selfless service.

The perks and packages of a teacher depend on their place of work, though government organization pays a good salary to the teachers. Many of the time the private schools and colleges exploit the educators for their own benefit.

The total scenario of the Teaching has to be upgraded as it is challenging and new studies are undertaken every year so that the teachers work for the best interest of the pupil and it benefits all.