Content writing as full time profession

Content writing as full time profession

In this digital era, content writing as full time profession considered as a significant choice. Content writing is writing about a subject professionally. It is much more than just putting words. For some people, writing is a dream job. Content writers can work from home, can make their own schedule. But majority of content writers have hard time making a living of it, writing skill is simply not enough to succeed. To be a successful content writer one needs marketable skills also.

There are few important things to keep in mind before choosing content writing as full time profession-

  • Different writing style is a must to become a successful content writer. Each form of writing has its own style. For e.g. News is short and information related, blogging is friendly, opinionated, Ad copy is short. Mastering in each style can lead to a flourishing career.
  • A good content writer never chooses random subjects. In an organisation a content writer should be creative to find a subject and an angle to write about it. In some organisation professional marketing team generates ideas. The writing is done according to it. While freelance are on their own. Always know for whom you are writing for? What they want to read? Always write for audience, understand them.
  • Search for keyword, make an attractive title. Take time and use words carefully. Always make an attractive meta description (concise summaries of webpage which appears in Search Engine Results Page)
  • Be unique in choosing the subject. Everyday thousands of people write about the same subject. But a talented writer can put a unique voice, different perspective to an over worked subject.
  • Be careful about plagiarized content. This is bad for the company, SEO and also for the Content Writer. Before writing any content check for plagiarism online.
  • Know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ,Wordpress, HTML etc. Whenever you get time learn at least basics of each of these. To be in demand write in-depth from a unique perspective.
  • Try to be Social Media specialist. Because recognition is important. Social media is an important platform to build audience, meet publishers, industry experts. More activeness on social media, more you will get audience. Be active, Public and friendly.

To be a content writer you have to pursue Bachelor’s degree which offers creative and technical writing, grammar, proof reading, editing and all. Content writing as full time profession is becoming a lucrative career in India. To work as content writer you may have to write as Technical writer, Copy editor, content writer, research writer, creative writer etc.

To choose Content Writing as full time profession you have to be tech savvy. Good typing in computer is must, good command over English, team spirit confident to meet the deadline.

Few Institutions in India which provide content writing course:

  • Wavelength eLearning Consulting and Training
  • Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication
  • Indian Institute of mass communication
  • J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre
  • Manorama School of Communication.

For any organisation or website the content should be constant and semantically related. To maintain visitor’s interest the website need to evolve according to latest trends. Thus you can go for writing as full time Profession. Full time content writers will create fresh content everyday which will be an advantage for the company as well as for the writer also. The content writer will regularly update social media, compose newsletter or mass media. As full time content writer you have to be available in instant messenger, e-mail, telephone during work hours. You need to have update excel work sheet providing details of the work done and targets achieved during the day.

The full time Content writer will be bound by the company’s non-disclosure agreement.  A professional content writer writes for a living. They should be competent and skilful.  As newcomer in this profession you may be paid less. So start with small organisation. The higher paying positions include Project managers, online researcher and proposal writers. For that you need to have good experience to qualify for these positions. The employer will dictate what to write and they will set a deadline. You have to fast enough to deliver the given work on time. But before taking content writing as full time profession look into internships. Take advice from someone who has extensive experience in content writing. Before taking content writing as full time profession get familiar with content wring pay scale. You will receive a fixed amount monthly for the job.

It’s hard to write entire scope of this field in one article. However there are few advantages of choosing content writing as full time profession:

  • It will provide consistent flow of income.
  • Overtime you will gain experience of management skill, learn leadership.
  • There will be no stress of get hold of clients or getting projects.

Few disadvantages:

  • There will be lack of flexibility
  • It will be tough to maintain work life balance.
  • May have to deal with organisational politics.

Many writers don’t take this profession seriously. If you want to take content writing as full time profession don’t copy and paste from other content. Use your creativity. Work step by step. Most importantly work hard, Learn new things, Take criticism positively.