Facing phone interviews? Here are the tips


Facing phone interviews? Here are the tips

Are you getting ready for an interview? Facing phone interviews? Here are the tips

Well, if you do then the first round could be a telephonic one.

With the information technology reducing distance these days, most of the companies or corporate houses are resorting to telephonic interviews at least in the first round just to ascertain the preliminary suitability of a particular candidate for the job. Phone interviews are scheduled in advance. It can be through skype, google hangout or through a simple phone call.Facing phone interviews? Here are the tips

With the change in modus oprendi, candidates or job applicants should now be alert to receive telecalls from the recruiter. It is better if one does not respond unprofessionally even to unknown calls, for it could be from one of the recruiters.

Phone interviews are used by the recruiter as a way of identifying a candidate. It is mainly for out of town candidates. It’s not only time saving but also minimizes the expenses.

Through phone interviews, candidates are selected for in-person interviews. While facing a phone interview, one is expected not to panic but to do a quick preparation to know about the basics of the company or recruiters including its market presence, values, and work ethics if any. The candidates are also supposed to make a list of their strengths and weaknesses.

A candidate is supposed to prepare the basic questions like why he or she feels himself or herself to be the most suitable candidate for the position or a brief yet detailed description of himself or herself.

The candidates are also supposed to Keep a record of previous employers which is also another common question during the telephonic interviews. The fresher can take help from the internet on how to face the telephonic interviews—rehearse the answers as it makes things easier a lot while facing the interview for the first time.

Here are few tips to ace phone interviews-

  1. Review interview tips for possible interview questions.
  2. Practice interviewing will help you to be confident.
  3. Try to take part in mock interviews. It can be with anyone you are comfortable with.
  4. Practice how to dress and speak for phone interviews. It will give a disciplined attitude with the correct dress code.
  5. If it is possible, record your mock interview.
  6. Questions will depend upon the job role and occupation. So make a thorough research on that.
  7. Don’t memorize answers but practice speaking frequently.
  8. Try to avoid “um”, ”uh” and “okay” which will improve your speaking abilities.
  9. One of the important things is to make sure whether interviewer will call or you have to make the call.
  10. If you miss the call, then reschedule it.
  11. For phone interviews, use a quiet, comfortable place with no distraction.
  12. Keep your resume at your fingertips for phone interviews.
  13. Keep a pen and paper ready for phone interviews.
  14. If the time is not convenient for phone interviews then request for rescheduling for the same.
  15. If you are at home during phone interviews, then close the door, turn off any kind of music or TV.
  16. Avoid smoking, chewing on gum or eating food during phone interviews.
  17. Keep a glass of water to clear your mouth if it gets dry.
  18. Before answering listen to the question carefully.
  19. Do not interrupt interviewer while asking questions during phone interviews.
  20. Answer unknown calls with your name. For ex- “XYZ speaking” so the interviewer will know they have reached the right person.
  21. Do not forget to say thank you in the end.
  22. Once the phone interview is over, note down the questions you were asked which will help in the future.

Here are some example questions for Phone Interviews:

Tell me about yourself.

Describe yourself.

Why are you applying for this position?

Why do you want this job?

Tell me what you know about the role.

Why do you want to work here?

Why are you looking for jobs?

What are you passionate about?

What are your salary expectations?

Test or scenario question

Are you interviewing with anyone else?

When can you start?

Tell me more about ___ (specific item on resume).

What type of management style do you prefer?

Do you have any questions?

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