Top 10 Future Jobs Indians must look out for: What Jobs will be in Demand?

Top 10 Future Jobs Indians must look out for: What Jobs will be in Demand?

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life-” this quote of Confucius still holds relevance in present times. ”     The ambition of people should be in line with the career they want to pursue to lead a satisfying and rewarding professional life. The growth of the Indian Economy paved the way for new professional opportunities. A few years back ‘Doctor’ & ‘Engineer ‘were the two buzzwords, but now there is an overabundance of career options that are to witness the popularity path. Along with the Salary factor, it is also important to have Career growth, Job Security and reputation.

So here is a list to declutter your career choice, here is the list given below:


  1. IT and Software Engineer:

In this era of digital platforms and rapid computerization, we cannot imagine an ideal world without software engineers, programmers, coders, and ethical hackers to name a few. IT Jobs are in demand & ranked among some of the highest paying jobs in the world. But also depend upon a person’s skills and talent, and there is no limit to growth.

  1. Career Counselor:

In this cutthroat Job field, a Career Counselor assists you to find your unique strengths & abilities and help you make the perfect career plan depending on your area of interest. The fast transform in the job industry boost the need for Career Counselors. Do you see the opportunity? Yes, it’s huge.

  1. Business Analyst:

A business analyst is now a day is a valuable resource for any organization for developing policies and immaculate business planning. If you are more interested to find a solution and feel immensely satisfied while decoding complex problems then you may opt to choose a Business Analyst as a career option.

  1. Dieticians:

Everyone needs a better lifestyle and with the increase of awareness toward health and appearance has created a high demand for dieticians. Dieticians first understand your body and make precise diet plan to achieve your goal. So as you can see it is in great demand to be Dieticians!

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist:

For any successful business we need marketing strategies and the need for digital marketers has been rising with the standard shifting from offline businesses to online businesses. Digital marketers help build your brand in the online space using the organic and paid medium. If you have a clear understanding of email marketing, understand web analytics, is aware of search engine algorithms, and the entire gamut of social media platforms then you can be a successful Digital Marketing Specialist.


  1. Drone Operators:

Earlier it was used as unmanned aerial vehicles were developed for surveillance. With the addition of cameras, lights, audio sensors, etc. drones are now widely used in infrastructure management, agriculture, disaster management, or aerial photography. Sounds exciting, Right?

  1. Physiotherapists:

Technology has made life easier but on the other hand the physical activities have reduced. Most of the jobs are getting computerized this lifestyle change has bought a lot of pain and stress. Injuries like sports injury, back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, cervical, etc. are a few common problems. Physiotherapists treat such injuries and disorders using physical methods like exercises, massages, and hot fermentation.

  1. Robotic Engineers:

Within few years more than 30% of the human jobs will be replaced by Robots. For now, India might be slow in this field but there are some start-ups who are working towards developing smart robots. Robotics will be one of the top future jobs in India and a high paying career to adapt for.

  1. Chartered Accountant:

In recent times, India has faced financial issues like GST and the demonetization and it has affected Indian masses. In such situation, chartered accountants appear as a sort of a rescuer who provides financial expertise in various areas ranging from accountancy, audit, and taxation to consultation services. For that it is clear that chartered accountants are the most sought-after professionals that flourish in the ever-changing financial environment.

  1. Home Baking Career:

With increased awareness towards health people are aware that Market baked products are full of unhealthy ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives. To make sure the quality and ingredients in their baked items, people have started buying customized cakes, fresh and refined flour free bread and many other customized baked items. So what are you waiting for?


So it’s time to develop your skills, find your passion and start working on them from today. No matter what career option you choose you must work hard for it. This is just a small list but with increase in passion and creativity there are more career option you can choose for better life.