How to get into Advertising Career? Career Opportunity, Scope in Advertising Industry in India


How to get into Advertising Career? Career Opportunity, Scope in Advertising Industry in India


You often come across the advertisements on TV, FM radio, billboards, metro, newspaper, or social media feed such as buying  a new pair of running shoes, ordering a new Smartphone, booking your next holiday trip, trying a new healthy (organic) drink, or signing up for a new gym etc.

Well, it’s all about advertising that come under the broad field of marketing and aimed at creating a buzz about products, services, and brands (including individuals).It focuses on the relationship between product/service and the public. If you want to be in Advertising career then you need to be creative and communicative. Because it will be your responsibility to speak to the clients. Advertising can be both visual and oral message and it is one of the concepts of Mass Communication.

There are two divisions of advertising:

Executive: This department fulfills client’s need. They take care of media research and planning department to select appropriate media (TV, Print or Radio) and record the placements and timings of advertisements & also take care of the financial aspect of placing and sourcing and booking the advertisements.
Creative: They creates the ad copy (text, pictures, etc To go along with the ad) and make the ad, as visualized by the client, a reality.

Educational Qualification:

After completing graduation advertising can be taken up as a post-graduate course in advertising colleges where you could apply even if your graduate course was not an advertising course. The minimum requirement is a 50 per cent mark on your graduation certificate.

There are also graduate courses where you could apply right after your 10+2 as long as you have the compulsory marks mandated by the college you are applying to.

Advertising Degrees and Courses:

  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Diploma in Journalism
  • Certificate programs in Digital Marketing
  • Degree or diploma in Mass Communications
  • Retail Management
  • Media and Visual Arts
  • Broadcasting
  • Creative Communications
  • Market Research
  • Data Analytics ,etc.

Advertising Colleges/Institutes in India:

  • Mudra Institute of Communication (MICA)
  • Mass Communication Research Centre (MCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication
  • National Institutes of advertising, New Delhi
  • Sardar Patel College of Communication & Management, New Delhi
  • YMCA Centre for Mass Media
  • The Advertising Academy

To get into the system the next best thing is to find an internship position in advertising agency. Look for opportunities to volunteer with the sales team in promotional campaigns or event or look into the possibility of working at the marketing department, with an in-house advertising body, of a company or organization. Keep track of your past alumni and stay connected. Attend workshops or seminars to get familiar and in touch with agency employees or experts.

For a creative job as a copy writer, visualize or photographer, a simple Bachelor’s degree or a degree in Mass Communication is enough and also flamboyance for the imaginative. A working knowledge of Photoshop, Corel Draw and arts will be required if you are going on for the visualizing aspect of the job. And photographers need to know how to work well with the camera, must be well-informed about good camera angles and appropriate lighting for each product and also must be excellent with Photoshop.

You must know what feature of the job you would like so you can prefer the side that you would be most contented working in.