Career opportunities post COVID-19 pandemic in India

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a huge change in the working scenario globally. With lockdowns and new measures being launched by the government to curb the spread of the deadly virus, people now use the digital mediums from their homes to communicate with their colleagues about various details of their jobs. Literally, the Internet has become the meeting place in an office.

With digital mediums and tools becoming the in-thing to discuss about work, there is a high chance that career opportunities in the digital sector would see a rapid rise in the next few months or once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Some of the sectors that may see a good rise post COVID-19 pandemic in India include-

Blogging and Vlogging

As majority of the working population in India are confined in their homes amid the nationwide lockdown, most of them have created their own blogging sites to write out their thoughts, fantasies, lifestyle etc. Gone are the days when writing a diary was one of the fondest habits of a large number of people. Although some people still like to follow the old school method of penning their life happenings and thoughts in a diary, most of them are now turning to contribute their valuable writings to digital portals. On the other hand, some people have also started recording their newfound skills of cooking, dancing, singing etc and posting them up in their YouTube, Facebook or Instagram sites. With many people finding their hidden skills during the lockdown period, blogging and vlogging are two career opportunities that are likely to see a growth after the pandemic.

Digital Marketing

During the coronavirus pandemic, people have been starting to spend more time online. Moreover, companies also had to put on their thinking caps to think about ways of attracting their customers with their products. Insurance companies are coming up with coronavirus specific insurance policies to lure customers during these times of crisis. Food deliverers are marketing their products by revealing about the type of packaging and social distancing measures they follow to ensure that their customer base does not decline during the time of this pandemic. Therefore, it can be said that companies finding out best strategies of digital marketing would be able to earn good profits after the coronavirus pandemic. After the pandemic is over, many people would try to avoid venturing into crowded markets and would prefer buying online. So digital marketing careers are also likely to see a growth as companies would hire people who can think out-of- the-box ideas to meet their marketing goals.

Cyber security

With many companies switching to effective digital means to market their products, security from cyber attackers have become one of the most important aspects. Nowadays, a number of companies accept digital payments from their customers. So cyber security is not only important for the companies but for their customers too. In order to keep vital information of a company safe, hiring of effective security architects and ethical hackers have become quite necessary. With people relying more on personal and less secure Wifi networks, the threat levels have increased. So cybersecurity would also emerge as a good career option post COVID-19.

Business Analysts

As the repeated phase of nationwide lockdown have severely affected the businesses of companies, skillful business analysts who can change the gloomy situations into a favourable one has become the need of the hour. By studying about the problems that a company has faced and researching about how its products can influence consumer behaviour, business anlaysts can design solutions to bring back good profits for them.