Teaching in India – Termed as an underrated profession but still one of the most sought after career options

Teaching is considered to be one of the most underrated professions in India. But is it really so? The role of a teacher in imparting education to his / her students highly affects their career graphs. It is a fact that a teacher who teaches better can captivate even an uninterested student to involve himself/ herself in learning and studying better.

Although India celebrates Teachers’ Day on 5th September to honour and pay respect to their teachers as the flagbearers of education, it is very sad to see the followers of the noble profession being underpaid or sometimes not being paid at all for months.

The development of a country highly depends on the facilities and level of education it provides to its children and youths. With competitions in academic and professional level exams peaking with passing time in India, every individual of the country is now eager to undertake good coaching for it and is also eager to shell out huge fees too.

To cater to the necessity of providing quality education, many educational institutions are springing up which are also ensuring to hire the best minds for the teaching job. Moreover, the educational institutions are also willing to pay good salary to teachers so that they provide good quality education to students.

The need and demand for a good education has also made teaching one of the highly demanded jobs in India today.

Here are the top qualities necessary for being an effective teacher-

a) Motivator : Always motivate your students to gather more knowledge  about a topic instead of discussing whether it is necessary or likely to be asked for an exam or not. Give good examples of the success of great personalities along with some good motivational quotes to students so that they are inspired and eager to perform better. Guide and advice students who get distressed for not being able to crack an exam or for not achieving desired results.

b)  Preparation : It is of utmost necessity for a teacher to study thoroughly about a topic before teaching it in a class. If you have been teaching the same topic every year to different students , it is still important to revise the topic and think of ways in how to provide information more efficiently to the young minds everyday. When you are taking a digital class, it is important to take note of the layout and format of your presentation. Writing the content in bullet points and making use of diagrams, charts in slides helps students grasp the idea of a topic in a much better manner.

c) Look : Although this point is not considered to be necessary by many people, it is one of the most important points. The appearance of a teacher is one of the main factors affecting the conduct of a student in a class. If a teacher appears in a class with neat attires , he / she will make a good impression upon the students thereby increasing their chances of attention in a class.

d) Cooperative : Good teachers should always be cooperative and willing to listen and help out students. If a student keeps on raising doubts and questions on a topic, always ensure that you help him clear his/ her doubts instead of getting frustrated.