Things You Should Remember While Searching for Jobs on Online Platforms

Job hunting is one of the most important activities that we do in order to make a living or to develop our careers.  With social media now becoming a suitable tool for browsing a variety of jobs and a number of job sites too offering updates on various kinds of job offers, job hunting has become much easier now. However, there are also fraudsters out there to dupe people of their money with the lure of fake and attractive job offers with huge salary packages. While looking for a job online , you should always avoid doing these things-

Never share too much personal details on job platforms

Avoid sharing huge details about your present job roles on LinkedIn or any other social media platforms. Social media sites are great tools to find about various kinds of job offers but there aren’t any benefits to be gained by sharing too much personal details on these platforms. However, the most important thing is that you must not post your resume publicly on any social media platform. Your resume contains your photo, educational and work details, e-mail IDs, contact numbers which may be misused by scamsters in order to lure you with false offers through fake SMS or emails.

Always use different email ID and phone numbers for job hunting purposes

It is always better if you use a different email ID and phone number to register with a job site in order to receive regular job updates. Avoid using your primary mobile number and contact numbers that is linked to your bank, email ID, social media accounts and Aadhaar card while seeking jobs. If you use a different email ID and contact number for the purposes of job hunting, it can help you to stay safe from scamsters.

Always look for the authenticity of job offers while applying for a job

While applying for a job, make sure that you are applying from the actual and authentic website. Whenever there is a job listing or someone calls you for a random job interview, always verify it with the actual company first. Do not get lured by SMS, calls or emails which ask you for money to get so-called attractive job offers as these are scams.