Life after Lockdown Ends: the new ways of work Post Corona virus Pandemic

Life after Lockdown Ends: the new ways of work Post Corona virus Pandemic

The new ways of work Post Corona virus Pandemic will need social support against the negative impact of this COVID-19 outbreak. Each one of us may be feeling worried, angry, sad, irritable or helpless. We have to deal with life after lockdown ends. Things will get back to normal at a snail’s pace.

Here are new ways of work Post Corona Virus Pandemic because life after lockdown ends will be different:

  • To avoid the public transport, special transportation should be arranged by the office. Any vehicle entering the office premise should be disinfected.
  • Sanitizers must be provided in office implementation during this period. Masks must for all employees.
  • Social distancing should be strictly followed. There should be gap between two shifts.
  • The organisation must recognize the nearby hospitals and clinics which are authorised to treat COVID-19 patients and a list of those hospitals must be accessible at the work place. Medical insurance is obligatory for each and every employee.
  • Use Arogya Setu App for in case of emergencies Post Corona virus Pandemic.
  • We each have a liability, particularly in times like this, to carry out self-care because life after lockdown ends have to carry on cautiously.
  • This Lockdown period may have affected your sleep hours. To avoid unhealthy sleep cycle change your sleep habit.


  • Businesses are experiencing major crash no matter how established they are and are having to re-look at how they manage and function their business including re-visitation of their business plan.
  • So companies should carry out a suitable evaluation of their fixed and variable expenses as well as the actual revenues. This assessment will give a apparent representation of where a company stands financially and help the entrepreneurs in planning ahead in the current disconcerted market.
  • it is difficult to measure how long this epidemic will last, so it is important to be geared up for all circumstances.


Last but not least practice physical distancing. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So Follow the mantras listed for you, and handle your time efficiently because these are the new ways of work Post Corona virus Pandemic.  Hope for the best, but never fails to prepare for the worst! Let us all survive this lockdown.